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Brief History of Agusan del Sur Provincial High School

(now, Agusan del Sur National High School)


Agusan del Sur Provincial High School was the brainchild of Hon. Valentina G. plaza, Provincial Governor og Agusan del Sur (1971-75) and the two mentors, the late Hon. Alberto A. Jubilan, former councilor and  Hon. Teofilo E. Gelacio known as Datu Manggosawon, Vice-Mayor (1981-75) both of the Municipality of San Francisco. It was conceived after seeing the rapid influx of the migration of people coming from nearby provinces and the far-flung places as well.

It came into being on June 4, 1974 through the concerted effort of the Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur, Municipal Government of San Francisco and the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent Mr. German Guazon under the good administration of Hon. Valentina G. Plaza.

      The complete sets of Municipal Officials of San Francisco and the Provincial Board of Agusan del Sur who are part and proactive in its development of education are the following:

Municipal Officials (1971-75)

1.      Mayor Blevenido Tumulak

2.      Vice-Mayor Teofilo Gelacio Sr.

3.      Councilor Cayetano Manatad

4.      Councilor Esteban Lumactad

5.      Councilor Leopoldo De Asis

6.      Councilor Alberto A. Jubilan

7.      Councilor Eugenio Niog

8.      Councilor Vicente Llacuna

9.      Councilor Ausodo Ursos

10.      Councilor Placido Tesoro

Provincial Officials (1971-75)

1.      Governor Valentina G. Plaza

2.      Vice-Gov. Melchor Libarnes

3.      Board Member Lamberto De Leon, M.D.

4.      Board Member Eurica Cortes

5 .    Board Member Jose Joson


The school was then known as Agusan del Sur Provincial High school, funded by the Province of Agusan del Sur.

      With no library, textbooks, magazines, laboratory room and laboratory equipment, it started from a scratch armed only with a mission to improve the quality of life through education. Likewise, it was squatter in the Gym and Industrial Arts Building of the San Francisco Pilot elementary School. For its first year of operation-SY 1974-75, it has an initial budget of Php20,000.00 each from the Provincial Government of San Francisco, with 120 first year students and a teaching force of four. The pioneering mentors were the following:

1.   Mrs. Herminia A. Tiu - Teacher In charge

2.   Mrs. Virginia B. Cuizon

3.   Miss Gloria Quiamjot

4.   Mr. Samuel Adlawan

      After the completion of the three pre-fab building, the school transferred to its present site sometime in the later part of the succeeding school year 1975-76.

      One of its oldest existing buildings was named after the former Mayor Isidro V. Ventura who was appointed mayor by President Ferdinand Marcos during the Martial Law.

      Since then, there has been a yearly increase of enrolment with the corresponding increase of teachers. For the school year 1975-76, there were twelve sections with the opening of the Second year level. In the year 1976-77, sections had been increased to 8 each year level with the opening of the Third year and the school year 1977-78 produced the first batch of 99 graduates with 56 males and 43 females. 

      In 1987, the school was nationalized through a Letter of Instruction (LOI-189) relieving the Provincial Government of its funding requirement to the school. The school was then known as Agusan del Sur Nationalized High school.

      Through the years since its operations, the school, what is now called Agusan del Sur National High School has been effectively steered rising successfully to a new height by Mrs. Hermenia A. Tiu, now retired Principal-II. It has produced unnumbered professionals who are successful in their chosen career. Some of its alumni are now part of the teaching and support staff of this institution.

      A divisional leader school, it has triumphantly garnered honors and prestige not only in the Regional but also in the National and International competitions. Karen Kristi Cinco, (batch 1999-2000) was a finalist in Science Investigatory Project held at Detroit Michigan, USA in May 2000. Likewise, Efrelyn Galula, (batch 2002-03) won second place in another Science Investigatory Project during the Second American Property Law Award competition held at Cleveland, Ohio, USA in May 2003.

      A year ago, Mr. Leopoldo M. Pulido has lead the school for seven (7) months as Principal-I succeeding Mrs. Herminia A. Tiu upon her retirement on January 9, 2003.

      Now, Agusan del Sur National High School located at the site back dropped by the natural beauty of the verdant magnificent Mt. Diwata is a 16-building sprawling school complex with Three Thousand Six Hundred Eight (3,608) students and a teaching force of Eighty Two (82) with a support staff of seventeen(17) employees, under the present stewardship of Mr. Teodoro N. Plaza, Principal-II. Thus, this 30th Foundation Anniversary.








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