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Agusan del Sur National High School has more or less 3000 students as of school year 2004-2005 and expected to grow more on the following years. New buildings were built to accommodate all of the students. More teachers are being hired and trained to give quality education to the students. A mini-gymnasium was also built to cater the need of school activities such as Graduation Day, Honors Day and the like. A reading center was also created to give students a better place for reading their materials. There is also a computer laboratory were students can enhance their ability towards new technology. There is also a science laboratory and a library where students can make their experimentations and research.Canteens were also scattered in different parts of the school campus to provide convenience to the students.

For studentsí safety, a perimeter fence was constructed and the second gate was opened along the municipal road located at the western part of the school campus, comparing to the main gate, which is hazardous due to its location, along the national high way. These two gates were also being guarded so that the people entering and going out of school is being monitored.


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