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(Sapat na Pagkain para sa lahat, now, Pagkaing Sapat para sa Batang Caraga)





            Agusan del Sur is an Agricultural Province. Since the ASNSH is located in Agusan, where it has rich and fertile soil, the TLE Department specifically the SAPAGKAT aims to promote students in improving their livelihood by introducing new techniques in farming. Gardening in school will enhance students their expertise and talents in food production. In so doing, those students, which are inclined to farming, must work in this venture.




1.      The students must be equipped with knowledge and expertise in farming upon graduating high school.

2.      Produce more vegetables, animal meat and eggs during learning period.

3.      Attend the needs of balance nutrition in the community by producing more vegetables and animals and its products.


Ways and Means:


1.                  Funds to be used will be coming from TLE Department, PTA, NGO, and LGU officials.

2.                  TLE Department teachers must have broader knowledge in farming by having consultation and field trip from the Department of Agriculture and other Agricultural farms.

3.                  TLE teachers and students must have proper knowledge in recording and analyzing records on the said project.




a                                        Plant cultivation (planted leafy vegetable, fruit vegetables, root crops, etc.)

a                                        Animal production (raised chickens, pigs, goats, etc.)

a                                        Fish production (cultured tilapia, bangus, crabs, mud fish, etc.)


Area Managers:


a                Project Manager: Mr. Hipolito Lastimado

a                Animal Production in charge: Mrs. Virginia Lastimado

a                Farm Crops in charge: Mr. Pablito Francisco

a                Fish Production in charge: Mr. Midel Costelo


Techniques used in plant cultivation as of now:


a                Plastic mulching

a                Hydroponics

a                Basket Gardening









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Phone: (085) 343-8162