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(Agusan del Sur National High School’s Teachers and Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative)




      It’s been a long time since the Teachers, who are the moulders of this nation, are treated as second-class or worse third class professionals in our community. The mere reason for this is our earning capacity – compared to other professionals, we are much behind.

      Our government in the other hand, though sometimes we felt, neglected us, cannot do all the things to give us the standard enjoyed by other professionals. Financially and technologically, we cannot rely all on our government – they have so many priorities.

      With these realities, we did not wait for thighs to happen. As teachers, we have asserted our capabilities. Being moulders, we have dared and worked out a plan that would give us standard we need – the one proper and fitting for teachers.

      Our ASNAHSTEMCO is a living proof of our wining struggle for the upliftment of our dignity as Moulders. Through it, we are able to upgrade our financial capabilities. Through various livelihood projects finance by this cooperative, we are able to raise our head against those loans sharks who were once our main tormentors. We have increase our earnings and in community, we ceased to be called “teachers only” but today the they tell us “the teachers” with admiration, with respect, with dignity. Professionals in the community nowadays are courting our leaders even our members – many of them wanted to join ASNAHSTEMCO.

      We have the capabilities, the resources, the skills and the realities, as well as the opportunities, very clear – they are already in our hands. What we need now is guidance, a direction so that these blessings that we had now will not be lost and that our being Teachers – moulders of the minds, will remain as an honor, a dignity and a right rather than just privilege.



BOD’s, Committees and Staff





Vision: ASNAHSTEMCO is a teacher’s cooperative that has envisioned a peaceful and prosperous living of all Teachers and Employees of the Department of Education community of Agusan del Sur founded upon the rules of justice, independence, unity and freedom.


Mission: As a Teacher’s Cooperative, ASNAHSTEMCO has accepted the mission to liberate all its Teachers and Employees from the bondage of depts. And has ensured that all members are generating additional income from their respective livelihood projects.



1.      Mobilized its members to practice the habit of savings.

2.      Enhanced capital formation and encouraged members to have trust and confidence.

3.      Encouraged productive and coop-financed income generating projects.

4.      Inculcated in every member the values of cooperation, self-reliance and peaceful coexistence.


Guiding Principles:

1.      Serving people is serving God, but cooperative is serving people. Therefore, Cooperative is serving God.

2.      Cooperative is for service hence; we need to earn in order to serve.

3.      It is better to hear why there were no awards for the officers than “why there were awards”.

4.      Successful persons plan their work and worked out their plan.

5.      What man think, man can do.

6.      Coop is interdependent; you kick the officers and you will have a coop without a soul, you disregard the members and you will have a coop without a body.



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Phone: (085) 343-8162